To Live Is Christ

I wrote this new hymn text in memory of a dear friend who went home to glory in 2020. He was encouraging and challenging his family, friends, and church right to the end. On the morning of his death, he was quoting Philippians 1:21… “To live is Christ, and to die is gain!” On a […]

To Die In Christ

This hymn was the result of years of experiences around death. When I was in sixth grade, I was present the day my best friend’s little brother was killed. Later my friend and I helped carry the casket at the funeral. That was my introduction to the gravity of death. In grad school, I was […]

Lord, Write Your Truth

This hymn was requested by The Wilds for their 2018 summer recording God Has Spoken. The text relishes and rejoices in the Word of God and describes the Bible using the language of the Psalms (33, 19, and 119). Sheet Music: Full Page   (PSALM 33) Great Author of the universe, You spoke and all was […]

In You I Hope

This is a prayerful hymn of praise based on Psalm 42 Sheet Music: Full Page   (vs. 1-2) O God, my restless, wand’ring soul Is parched and pants for You, For nothing else can quench my thirst And give me peace anew. Chorus: In You, my God, I hope and trust— To You I sing my […]

So All May Know

This is a hymn of praise and proclamation based on the outline of four of God’s attributes: wisdom, grace, power, and glory. I was privileged to partner with Alex Barnhart Wetmore, a young lady who grew up right here in our ministry at Trinity Bible Church. What a joy it has been to see this project […]

We Bless Your Name

This is a hymn of praise based on Psalm 145… Sheet Music: Full Page   (INTRO–vs.1-2) O gracious God and sov’reign King, To You we lift our praise and sing— Each day we live to spread Your fame; Forevermore we bless Your name! (GREATNESS–vs.3-6) O Lord of greatness, we declare Your awesome deeds beyond compare— From […]

I Stand Resolved

In October of 2016 as Reformation Day approached, I found myself reading and re-reading the confession that Martin Luther made before the Diet of Worms in 1521. While some of the words that Luther is alleged to have spoken that day are no doubt apocryphal, my heart was gripped by this portion of his confession: […]

My Confession

This hymn was arranged for choir and orchestra by Matt Taylor and Ric Nichols and included on the recording by The Wilds entitled “This Is My Song”! You can purchase the recording here… Amazon: iTunes: The Wilds: Octavo: When children of God give serious and extended thought to the state of their walk with the Lord […]

Deliver Me

The Word of God boldly declares that God is a God who mercifully forgives sinners (Psalm 103:8-12), but the Bible is equally clear that God’s mercy does not free sinners from their responsibility to confess and repent of their sins (1 John 1:9). Understanding that reality, “Deliver Me” is written as ‘A Hymn for Corporate […]

Come, Let Us Sing

This is a hymn of Thanksgiving based on Psalm 95… Sheet Music: Full Page / Half Sheet   Oh come, let us sing to our glorious Lord From hearts that enjoy saving grace. We fall down before Him to offer our thanks And bless Him with anthems of praise. So, come lift your voice to our unrivaled […]