My Confession

Text by Joe Henson, III

Tune by Matt Taylor

51yyfghzGWL._SS500This hymn was arranged for choir and orchestra by Matt Taylor and Ric Nichols and included on the recording by The Wilds entitled “This Is My Song”! You can purchase the recording here…

The Wilds:

When children of God give serious and extended thought to the state of their walk with the Lord on this side of glory, inevitably we must admit our failure to obey and our rebellion against His Word. Thankfully, the Scriptures remind us that our God us full of lovingkindness, and as our gracious God, He is ready to forgive because of Christ. This hymn is a meditation on these realities. It begins with the confession of sin and ends with the assurance of pardon!

Sheet Music: Full Sheet / Half Sheet


In the quiet of this moment,
I confess to You, O Lord,
That this frail, unworthy servant
Has rebelled against Your Word.
You are holy beyond measure
Without fault of any kind;
I am dust, corrupt by nature—
Flawed in body, word, and mind.

I am sinful; You are holy;
I’m unclean; You’re undefiled.
Like a Father, please have pity
On Your feeble, falt’ring child.
Were it not for lovingkindness
I would soon be swept away,
But, in Christ, Your tender mercy
Grants forgiveness when I pray!

In this season of repentance,
I confess to You, my God,
That my nature tries to cover
Every action that is flawed.
You delight in true contrition,
Not in pious acts of praise,
And You heal my broken spirit
When I own my evil ways.

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