BY FAITH: Sermon Series

This morning, we launched into a new expositional sermon series entitled By Faith here at Trinity Bible Church. It is a study of Hebrews 10-13 and will seek to strengthen and encourage those who have truly been made righteous by Christ to live “by faith” for Christ. We will continue adding the new installments as […]

Holy Week 2021

This past weekend, we (here at Trinity Bible Church) reflected on the cross and celebrated the resurrection. Here are the messages from our special services…

Prayer: Sermon Series

Here at Trinity Bible Church, we are currently working through a mid-week series on Prayer. In this series, we are working through the NT passages that instruct or exemplify biblical prayer for the faithful follower of Christ. Here are the sessions that we have recorded thus far… Sermon #1: Sermon #3: Sermon #4: Sermon #5: […]

THE CHURCH: Sermon Series

This past Sunday, we began a new Sunday Morning series of sermons here at Trinity Bible Church on the theme of: The Church. It is actually a review of the foundation principles that guide, guard, and govern our beliefs about the church and our practice in it. It has been about five years or more […]

GOD HAS SPOKEN: Sermon Series

Recently, we began a new mid-week series of sermons entitled: “God Has Spoken.” I’ve described it as “A Bible Study on the Bible Itself,” and I’m praying that this study on bibliology will prove instructive, edifying, and motivational for us as we seek to know our God and walk in His ways. Here are the […]

THEOLOGY: What if God Waits while His People Suffer?

This past Wednesday night, I shared some of what God has been teaching me from the study some of the men here at TBC and I have been doing through the books of Genesis and Exodus. (It took us nearly 3 years to get through the first book, and we’ve now been in Exodus for […]


From our series of sermons on Missions here at Trinity Bible Church this summer have come a number of memorable quotes and Scripture texts. Here are some of the memes that have resulted… “Our SITUATION may have changed, but our MISSION has not.” Joe Henson, III “The last instructions and commands of Christ leave little […]

The WILDS Needs Our Help!

Dear friends of The Wilds and The Wilds of New England, The Wilds needs our help! Please watch this 6-minute video and prayerfully consider the part you and your church might play to bless these friends we dearly love who minister in this beloved place! Thanks in advance, Joe PS — If you are willing and able to […]

MISSIONS: Sermon Series

Through this “summer of COVID,” I have sought to keep our church (Trinity Bible Church ) looking upward and outward rather than inward, as we are naturally prone to do. For the first 8-10 weeks of the pandemic, I preached a series of mid-week messages from the Psalms to help us keep our gaze fixed […]

MISSIONS: Reading List

This summer, I am preaching a series of sermons on Missions to our people here at Trinity Bible Church. This led me to give some thought to helpful books on the subject (both ‘then’ and ‘now’). So, I sought some advice from a number of men in missions who I greatly respect, and I have […]