In You I Hope

This is a prayerful hymn of praise based on Psalm 42

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(vs. 1-2)
O God, my restless, wand’ring soul
Is parched and pants for You,
For nothing else can quench my thirst
And give me peace anew.

In You, my God, I hope and trust—
To You I sing my praise,
For You have been my solid Rock—
My Savior all my days!

(vs. 2-3)
O God, my sad and lonely soul
Is prone to doubts and fears,
But praise reminds me of Your Truth
That dries my fretful tears.

(vs. 4-11)
O God, my troubled, downcast soul
Is weary from the fight,
Yet I will fix my hope on You
Who sets all wrongs aright.

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