To Die In Christ

Text by Joe Henson, III

Tune by Matt Taylor

This hymn was the result of years of experiences around death. When I was in sixth grade, I was present the day my best friend’s little brother was killed. Later my friend and I helped carry the casket at the funeral. That was my introduction to the gravity of death. In grad school, I was the assistant to a funeral director. Since entering the ministry, I have officiated well over 50 funerals and counting. A few years ago, as we celebrated the life and homegoing of a sweet, elderly saint from our church, the words to this text started to take shape. Over the next couple of years, I worked to massage the words into the  form of this song. My friend, Matt Taylor, wrote the melody and music for this song not long after his own father went home to glory. Describing this song as a “passion project” for the two of us would be an understatement. We pray that it will prove to serve the church well in years to come!

The Wilds made a beautiful recording of the song, which can be seen/listened to here…

The sheet music of the choral arrangement can be purchased from their Online Store.

To die in Christ is not the end,
Tho’ ends your time on earth;
The right to everlasting life
Is yours by second birth.

Until your working days are done,
Your toil will be your test,
Then you will sleep in Jesus Christ
And enter promised rest.

The one who trusts his soul to God
Need never fear decay;
Your darkest night will soon unveil
The dawn of heaven’s day.

You need not fear the sting of death
While here on earth you roam,
For God has made the grave your friend
To bring you safely home.

Dear child of God, the Lord of life Prepares your place above—
No pow’r on earth—not even death—Can sever sov’reign love!

Copyright 2015 Declaring Glory. All rights reserved.

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