Lord, Write Your Truth

Text by Joe Henson, III

Tune by Matt Taylor

This hymn was requested by The Wilds for their 2018 summer recording God Has Spoken. The text relishes and rejoices in the Word of God and describes the Bible using the language of the Psalms (33, 19, and 119).

Sheet Music: Full Page


(PSALM 33)
Great Author of the universe,
You spoke and all was made;
Throughout the earth Your steadfast love
And power are displayed.
Your works are done in faithfulness,
Your words are always true;
My heart is full of rev’rent fear—
I stand in awe of You!

Please open now my eager eyes
To wonders You impart,
And write Your everlasting Truth
Upon my ready heart!

(PSALM 19)
Your perfect law revives the soul
And makes the simple wise;
It checks the bent of fallen hearts,
Enlight’ning sin-dimmed eyes.
O Lord, Your rules are ever true
And altogether right;
I treasure them far more than gold—
Your law is my delight!

(PSALM 119)
Your faithfulness and love endure
Through ev’ry passing age;
Your righteousness ordained the Truth
You wrote on ev’ry page.
Forevermore Your holy Word
Is firmly fixed on high;
Now, fix my heart to walk within
The wisdom You supply!

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