So All May Know

This is a hymn of praise and proclamation based on the outline of four of God’s attributes: wisdom, grace, power, and glory. I was privileged to partner with Alex Barnhart Wetmore, a young lady who grew up right here in our ministry at Trinity Bible Church. What a joy it has been to see this project take shape and come to fruition!

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O Lord of Truth, Your knowledge knows no bounds
For none can fathom all You understand.
You put to shame the wisdom of the wise
And bring to naught the brightest human plans.

So all may know that You are God alone—
The sov’reign Lord o’er all that You have made:
You demonstrate Your wisdom, grace, and pow’r
And put Your awesome glory on display!

O Lord of Hosts, You do whate’er You please—
No pow’r on earth can stay Your mighty hand.
You spoke a word and everything was formed;
Before Your conq’ring arm no foe can stand.

O Lord of Grace, You gave Your only Son
To be made sin and die in sinners’ stead.
Because Your loving loyalty endures,
Your mercy and forgiveness know no end.

O Lord of Heav’n, You dwell in blinding light;
You rightfully refuse to share Your praise.
Enthroned above the heights, You reign supreme
For Holy, Holy, Holy is Your name.

Copyright 2014 Declaring Glory. All rights reserved.

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