Deliver Me

Text by Joe Henson, III

Tune by Eric Sipe

The Word of God boldly declares that God is a God who mercifully forgives sinners (Psalm 103:8-12), but the Bible is equally clear that God’s mercy does not free sinners from their responsibility to confess and repent of their sins (1 John 1:9). Understanding that reality, “Deliver Me” is written as ‘A Hymn for Corporate Confession.’ Verse 1 focuses on confession of sins of the heart (pride, self-deception, lust, anxiety, and unbelief). Verse 2 focuses on confession of relational sins (making demands, breaking bonds, and desiring fame/praise). Verse 3 focuses on confession of justification of sin (redirecting blame). The plea of the first chorus echoes the heart cry of David’s confession in Psalm 51: “Create in me a clean heart” (v.10) and “Restore to me the joy of your salvation” (v.12). The second half of verse 3 and the final chorus both come together to close the hymn on the high note of God’s assurance of pardon to all who will humble themselves, confess, repent, and take refuge in the righteousness of Christ Jesus (Psalm 51:13; 1 John 1:9).

Sheet Music: Full Sheet / Half Sheet


Deliver me, O Lord my God,
From self-deceiving pride,
From lusts that lure my heart to sin
And cares that plague my mind.
Deliver me from anxious doubts
That fill my days with grief
And trouble my unsettled soul
With thoughts of unbelief.

I cry to you, O God of grace,
Confessing all my sin.
Create in me a blameless heart;
Restore my joy again!

Deliver me, O Lord my God,
From making proud demands
That break the bond between the saints
And shatter Your commands.
Deliver me from selfish fears
That long for man’s esteem
And seek the fame of human praise
As though it were supreme.

Deliver me, O Lord my God,
From redirecting blame
To justify my wickedness
That shames Your Holy name.
Deliver me that I might know
Your merciful embrace
And testify to all the world
The glories of Your grace!

Final Chorus:
I cry to you, O God of grace,
Confessing all my sin.
In Christ, You faithfully forgive,
And I rejoice again!

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