A Pandemic of Fear

Brethren, now is not the time to give way to fear. Now is not the time to panic or fret or fume or cower. Now is not the time for self-will, arrogance, and pride. Now is not the time to assume motives and hurl accusations. Now is not the time to give ground to the Enemy. Now is certainly not the time to allow divisions to form between saints. Instead, now is the time to run to Christ, dig down deep in His Word, submit to His Spirit, repent of our pride and our fear, return to the God-given means of grace, press into the fellowship of the saints, live confidently and securely in the reality of our risen King, and boldly proclaim that our God reigns! Let us not forget that we do not serve an impotent Savior; we serve the almighty Sovereign! [Keep Reading…]