Our Triune God

Text by Joe Henson, III

Tune by Matt Taylor

In Faith I Follow (half size)This hymn was recently arranged for choir and orchestra by James Koerts and included on the most recent recording by The Wilds entitled “In Faith I Follow”! You can purchase the recording here…

Amazon: https://goo.gl/RWTp2J
iTunes: https://goo.gl/1sEvXA
The Wilds: http://ow.ly/3O7g300Tb9M
Octavo: http://ow.ly/cSRD301OrLs

This text follows the Trinitarian outline of Paul’s hymn written “to the praise of [God’s] glorious grace” and recorded for us in Ephesians 1: Father (vs.3-6), Son (vs.7-12), and Spirit (vs.13-14)…

Sheet Music: Full Sheet / Half Sheet


Great God and Father of our Lord–
Our Maker and our King,
We praise You for Your glorious grace
That grants us ev’rything.
Before You ever framed the world
You chose us as Your own,
And made us heirs with Christ Your Son
By sov’reign grace alone.

Sing Alleluia to our God,
And praise His saving Son!
Give honor to the Holy Ghost!
Adore the Three-in-One!

Beloved, bleeding Son of God–
Our saving sacrifice,
We praise You for Your priceless blood
That purchased Paradise.
In You we are redeemed by God
From sin’s accursed disgrace;
Now, as His children, we’ve received
A legacy of grace.

Securing Spirit giv’n by God
To those who trust the Son,
We praise You for Your guarantee
That Calv’ry’s work is done.
You shelter and secure our souls
Until we stand complete
Before the glorious throne of God
Where faith and sight will meet.

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