We Bless Your Name

Text by Joe Henson, III

This is a hymn of praise based on Psalm 145…

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O gracious God and sov’reign King,
To You we lift our praise and sing—
Each day we live to spread Your fame;
Forevermore we bless Your name!

O Lord of greatness, we declare
Your awesome deeds beyond compare—
From age to age we bring to light
The wondrous glories of Your might!

O good and righteous Lord of all,
Your boundless mercies we recall—
Your steadfast love to us abounds
And so our endless praise resounds!

O timeless Ruler of each hour,
We tell the vastness of Your pow’r—
As grateful subjects, we make known
The glorious splendor of Your throne!

O faithful Keeper of Your words,
You pour out kindness in Your works—
To You we sing for all our days
This blessed hymn of grateful praise!